We will assist you in finding and defining new business opportunities and locating creative and innovative business solutions for local and international clients. Our services will enable you to act quickly, create strategic alliances in today's global market, increase your profits, expand your horizons and much more.

Our consulting strategy is designed to provide a solution for your Needs and Wants, while taking global demand into account.

Our Business Consulting services mainly focus on working with our clients every step of the way throughout their projects. We collaborate actively, making the necessary adjustments towards a significant and effective strategic transformation of new and existing ventures.

We will be your partner and colleague and assist you to achieve your company’s vision for management and marketing strategies, utilizing our vast knowledge and experience regarding digital industry and new technologies.

We assist the entire process

Have an Idea > Identify or Create Needs and Wants > Establish Strategy > Program a Working Plan > Construct or Manufacture the Product > Create a Marketing Plan > Execute the Operation, Sales, Logistics, Finance, Employment > Supervision and Control > Have a New Idea


We are highly experienced in management and execution of projects in global, international, local, large and SMEs companies.

Delegates of the Fira Barcelona since 2007 - representing diverse international trade fairs and events in Israel, including:

Official consultants and lecturers of the Israel Export Institute

Co-Founders and members of the Israel Smart City Institute (NGO)

We serve as export outsourcing managers in different companies, using governmental support programs.

We provide English and Spanish lectures at several colleges, such as Galilee College for international delegations coming from China, Africa, Latin America.

Among the lecture topics: Smart Cities; How to create an Innovation Center in a City; How to Create a Marketing Plan; Israel Government Support Plans for SMEs; Process of Penetration of Multinationals Enterprises and International Investors to Israel -


The company offers personalized management services to help you implement your Needs and Wants,
using appropriate, efficient and effective strategies.

If you wish to succeed, strategy and innovation are keys to both existing and emerging businesses.

We will help you stay ahead of the curve and remain innovative in today's competitive market.

Our business plans include


market studies

Innovative business solutions

Focused business strategy


Excellent operating systems

Financial analysis and forecasts

to succeed

Our services include

  • Representation of companies and strategic planning for local and international companies and organizations
  • International business consulting
  • International Trade
  • Establishment of Joint - Ventures
  • Organization of stands at fairs and conventions around the world
  • Preparation of methodologies, costing and pricelists for export
  • First steps to export - research, strategy, preparations, marketing, logistics, costs

We know how to connect you with the right people and provide advice.
Using our networks and global resources, we will connect you to governments, politicians and companies worldwide.

Our international experience and global contacts help our clients achieve extraordinary opportunities in the international market.
Our networks include global services. We offer office, marketing, showroom, staff recruitment and other services in various countries.

We have already succeeded, due to our extensive networks, in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, China, India.

Our models are based on adding value and obtaining results.


Israeli Participation in Global Exhibitions and Conferences



Bridal Fashion Show

Bridal Fashion Show

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility


Sergio Vinitsky - CEO

Bsc. Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Economics, Management and Information Systems - Technion, Haifa 1986
M.B.A. Leadership, Strategy and High Management - Ruppin College 2020
Diploma from Directors Course - IDU Israel Director Union 2020


Phone: + 972-97415443
Mobile: +972-522708060

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sergio-vinitsky-6b3a07